Auguste and Alden (Alden Skidd/lead vocals & guitar, Auguste Skidd/lead vocals & bass)

 Alden Skidd (lead male vocals, guitar), Auguste Skidd (lead female vocals, bass), 

Auguste and Alden are a brother and sister duo who passionatly write and perform their own original music. Their sound is extremely unique full of intricate blood harmonies and creative musical arrangements. 

In their full four-piece sibling band, Chasing Cooper, Auguste and Alden have toured nationally performing at venues such as the NAMM show while playing alongside many major artists, in addition to appearing on a syndicated weekly TV series. Their passion to make music is evident by their catalog of over 70 original songs they have written, produced and recorded.

 Infinity Hall Big Stage Winners 2017

 Kingdom Bound CFA Finalist 2012,2011

 Featured NAMM artist 2010

 Appear weekly on TBN ISHINE KNECT show 2010

 Guest artist on 2009, 2010, 2011 Silver Ring Thing National Tour

 Guest artist on 2010 ISHINE Tour

 Our Stage National Showcase winners 2009

 Performed main stage Soulfest, Icthus, Beachfest, First Love Fest, The Gathering of The Vibes

 WXGN, WSOU, 89.7 Sound of Life, Reluctant Radio, Night Out Radio


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